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Creating picture books is a magical process. When a story is good, ideas just leap into my head and all I have to do is scribble them down. I like to convey feelings in my work by using a vibrant, bouncing line, strong colours and getting expressions and gestures just right. It’s exciting when it all comes together. You may notice, I LOVE drawing animals.

Much of my time at school was spent doodling and painting. I then studied English and Philosophy at York University, where I spent some time writing and thinking but mostly painting and doodling. Among other jobs, I worked as a mural painter, an arts and crafts teacher and as an art therapist before finding out that I really wanted to illustrate children's books.

I've been lucky to collaborate with some of the best writers of children's books. I am very proud of the fact that "Giraffes Can't Dance", written by Giles Andreae, has become such an international best seller. It is such a wonderful story. Equally, the fact that several of the books I've illustrated for Tony Mitton have won awards which were voted for by children is very satisfying.

I also write children’s books, most recently a series of stories about Dylan, the stripy dog and his friends.

I enjoy going to schools and book festivals to talk about how I make books and to whip up enthusiasm for drawing and reading. When I’m not illustrating I’m to be found wandering the South Downs, life drawing and oil painting.

I live in Brighton with my wife and three children. It's a half hour walk across the park to get to my studio. I do love my job

Photo: Adam Bronkhorst

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